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Pre-Paid Funeral Plans With No Health Checks

The Facts

In 20 years' time
the average cost of a funeral could be over...
Costs of a basic funeral has risen by 88% in the last 10 years****
Growing number of families will struggle with funeral bills**

Projected Costs in 2031 are a staggering £11,196

The Benefits

Reassurance for your loved ones.

The plan provider guarantees your acceptance with no health restrictions.

Effective way to help protect your family from rising funeral costs.

Straightforward and simple to set up.

Your information is safe.

Choose your own local funeral director.

About Us

No one likes to think or talk about a time in which they are no longer around, but the subject of later life planning (specifically funeral arrangements) really shouldn't be seen or treated as a taboo. The consequences of not having sensible provisions or plans in place for your family and loved ones can potentially be catastrophic (in terms of getting into debt due to a sudden bereavement).

However, with the help of a recent push by the media (including the BBC ***) twinned with nationally publicised independent studies** into the sharply rising costs of funeral arrangements, the lack of adequate government support and the absolute need for individuals to really consider the options that are available to them; the subject of funeral planning will hopefully become less of a delicate subject.

Your Funeral Covered help hundreds of people per day get the right funeral in place and save thousands in the long run. We take a great deal of pride in the service that we offer and are on hand to give you the right advice and guide you through what is ultimately, a very important decision.